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New recent features on paceband.org
- Course details now present an elevation chart.
- The course distance is not limited to 10 km, 20 km, half-marathon or marathon anymore.
- It is possible to create courses going from 5 km to 200 km.
- A pace band can be created, even if the course does not exist in our database yet.

New features for those who have an account on paceband.org (via Facebook, Twitter, Gmail or personalized account)
- It is possible to save as many pace bands as you want and retreive them back later. The "Save" button is your entry point!
- When uploading a course, it is possible to define the aid stations that will be displayed on the pace band.
- In "Profile", the shipping address can be entered for future use.

In a few weeks, it will be possible to order your pace band on waterproof paper and receive it at home by regular mail. You are invited to come to discover this feature  right now since it is already in place in 'TEST' mode. You can create one or several pace bands, save them and place an order, by entering a dummy credit card number. Anyone who placed a fictious order or sent us suggestions or comments will have a chance to win a pace band delivered at home for free!

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Did you know...
- You can import your own course in GPX, KML or KMZ format? Simply log in and you'll have access to a "Course" button that will let you do so.
- You can see the course map? Click on the icon representing a map.

We are looking for volunteers to translate paceband.org to other languages, specifically Spanish, German and Italian. Contact us!